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The Bromley Area’s Local Tyre Specialists

Based in Selhurst, Whitehorse Tyres are widely renowned across Surrey and South London for the services provided by our tyre specialists. Having operated near Bromley since 1972, our many years of experience can help you to find the best solution for your vehicle’s needs and your personal budget. We fit a wide range of new tyres, budget tyres and part worn tyres.

On this page, we look at the five most important things for Bromley drivers to consider when investing in a set of tyres for their vehicle.

Type of Vehicle

When choosing the right set of tyres, it is important for Bromley motorists to take into consideration the type of vehicle they are driving. For instance, you wouldn’t go for the same set of new tyres for a weighty 4x4 as you would for a zippier hatchback. Having the wrong tyres may lead to inferior performance. Fortunately, Whitehorse Tyres’ expert tyre specialists can help you to find the right choice for your vehicle, bearing in mind your needs and your budget.

We have an extensive range of premium branded new tyres available, in addition to budget tyres and part worn tyres. If the tyre you prefer is not currently in stock, we contact our suppliers immediately and have them delivered within the hour.

Driving Style

The tyres we fit should complement the way that you drive around Bromley. For instance, if you drive a powerful vehicle and like to push your speed to the limits, your tyres may wear out far more quickly than expected with the wrong set of new tyres. In this case, a high performance/low profile tyre may be more appropriate.

Conversely, luxury saloon drivers who prefer a smooth cruise would be more satisfied by higher profile tyres. Another element that should be taken into account is the type of journeys you typically take. A Bromley-based travelling sales rep, for instance, would be better off with a set of branded new tyres, primed for hard usage.

However, those who only take shorter journeys may like to consider our range of budget tyres and part worn tyres, to avoid paying for brand new tyres that won’t see much use. Whatever the style or function of your vehicle, our tyre specialists can tailor a bespoke solution to your requirements.

Weather Conditions

We know how changeable the British weather can be, and having the tyres to suit all sorts of conditions is important. There are four main types of tyre: regular, all-season, snow and stud able snow. All-weather tyres are usually appropriate, but if you want your tyres to provide optimum performance from your vehicle, you may like to consider a high-tread profile for the winter months or low profile slicks for the hot summer months.

All types of tyre are available for Bromley drivers across our range of new tyres, budget tyres and part worn tyres. If you are unsure which tyres would suit for a specific circumstance, please don’t hesitate to consult with our tyre specialists; call today on 0208 689 2474.


Whitehorse Tyres can help you to find the best option to suit your budget. While we find that branded new tyres usually last the longest, Bromley drivers may like to consider the costs at hand if an unfortunate puncture occurs. It may be preferable for some to consider a low-cost alternative, like our budget tyres or part worn tyres, which reduce the expense in replacements.

Legal Requirement

All of our products, whether new tyres, budget tyres or part worn tyres, meet legal requirements at the time of sale. Before leaving the garage, our tyre specialists will ensure the minimum legal tread depth of 1.6mm is met (at the very least), and that the tyre contains the requisite air pressure for the weight of the vehicle. Budget tyres and part worn tyres are subject to meticulous safety tests, to ensure their affordability will never come at the cost of the welfare of Bromley drivers and their passengers.

In Bromley and need to speak to one of our tyre specialists? Call Whitehorse Tyres on 0208 689 2474 to discuss your tyre options.

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